and expertise


Stage construction project management

Pre-construction is undoubtedly the most important phase of any project as it lays the foundation for success. Involving the contractor early in the construction process establishes better coordination between all parties.

  • Pre-design studies
  • Advice on construction and market conditions
  • Evaluation of the constructability of the project
  • Assessment of the need for building retrofits
  • Proposals for options to improve profitability
  • Estimation of the cost of construction of class C
  • Assistance in regular project meetings with clients and professionals
  • Awarding of construction contracts

These are the foundations of a successful project!

We also offer an integrated project approach (design-build) for a turnkey option and peace of mind!

During the construction phase, we go for a consulting approach and real-time follow-up.

  • Recommendations for changes that can lead to improvements on the final product (quality, schedule, budget)
  • Holding project meetings with the client and professionals
  • Preparing and maintaining construction cost cash flow forecasts
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining a cost control and accounting system for the project
  • Supporting the recovery of tax refunds, if applicable.

Deficiency-free delivery, allowing you to move in and feel at home

  • A final construction cost report
  • Delivery of all electronic documents related to the project
  • Occupancy analysis, if requested

Project marketing

Project Marketing: Added value to consider!

Overseeing the development of the project’s positioning strategy to effectively recruit the target customer/tenant

  • Knowledge of the target market
  • Development of your project branding/image

Follow-up on the marketing activation to promote the project

  • Putting your project website online
  • Content creation
  • Development of marketing materials for pre-sales/rentals (sales office)
  • Targeted media campaign (social media, newsletter, signage)

Follow-up on delivery to ensure satisfaction and confidence in their choice

  • Marketing support at final delivery

Combined excellence in project management and marketing for an optimized project!

Consulting mandate

Special mandates such as:

Are you looking to invest in real estate? Do you have a piece of land to develop and want to know the different opportunities available to you? Contact us for a development project analysis or a potential project proposal.

Do you have your contractor and want a professional to represent your interests? We can act as a client representative in your construction project.

Is your project stalled or are you facing unforeseen circumstances during the construction phase? We can help you by providing professional recommendations on specific construction issues.

Cadrin &Co. can also act as an expert advisor in construction litigation situations. Contact us for advice or suggestions on technical solutions to resolve construction project conflicts.


Whatever the type of project, Cadrin &Co.’s strength lies in its project management. Everyone works together to meet budgets and deadlines, with the aim of delivering projects free of deficiencies in all areas.


New construction, major renovation and development

  • Multi-story rental or condominium projects
  • Single-family home projects
  • Development of complete living environments
  • Upgrading of existing buildings


Development, construction, renovation and upgrading

  • Office space
  • Retail
  • Common areas
  • Exterior cladding


New construction or refurbishment to as-new condition

  • Warehouse end of lease
  • interior divisions
  • Loading area


New construction or renovation

  • Private seniors’ residences
  • Schools
  • Daycare facilities
  • Sports facilities