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About us.

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Integrate and collaborate with the best teams and the best tools, from the pre-construction stage, to put trust back at the centre of the relationship between the stakeholders of a construction project…


Master the art of project management and mobilize the right expertise, at the right time, in the right way and with the right support, to ensure smooth collaboration and the quality of your project’s end result.


  • Collaboration, for engagementand a pooling of expertise
  • Rigour, in particular attention to detail and high standards, always at the service of the project
  • Integrity, as an essential human quality in all interactions
  • Transparency, as a guarantee of trust in all communication


“The construction industry is changing rapidly, and I want to be part of that change. Nowadays, you have to know how to reinvent yourself, you have to be agile.” – Nicolas, Collaborating President

Cadrin &Co. makes it a real priority to deliver quality projects and adopts technological tools that allow for seamless construction that’s on budget and on time. It is essential to always challenge ourselves and to strive to do better. The entire team embraces this way of thinking and working.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with exceptional service and quality. We never forget that what we build will become their living environment. We take this responsibility to heart.

OUR Commitments

Procore community

Connecting the people who build the world

Cadrin &Co. is the leader of the Procore community in Quebec. We believe that it is important to share the actual challenges that we face in the workplace. This platform is a simple way to meet periodically to avoid feeling isolated in any given situation. Beyond the company we work for, there are other people who are potentially experiencing the same challenges as us. Maybe they have already shared a solution or maybe they could benefit from our support. Everyone benefits from helping each other by sharing on Procore.

The Procore community also provides access to Procore directly, for askingquestions and seeking help from the platform’s professionals.

Around the world, the different communities have more than 170 groups

  • +50K members
  • +2000 questions
  • +7000 answers

A wealth of knowledge shared!


Ensemble pour la construction, une communauté d’entraide basée sur l’entrepreneuriat collaboratif

EPC supports construction and real estate companies by offering practical solutions.

The sharing of experience, knowledge and expertise contributes to a positive impact on the individual, the team, the entrepreneur, the company and on Quebec society.


Hiring of construction engineering interns

Every semester, we are committed to supporting the training of the next generation of engineers by hiring students to join our team. Hiring engineering interns from ÉTS (École de technologie supérieure) is undeniably a rich opportunity for us as well; we benefit from valuable new perspectives and new ways of doing things, while sharing our expertise in the training of tomorrow’s engineers.

Women in construction

This is a community of supporters of the advancement of women in construction.

Being involved in this group allows us to ask questions, share ideas, suggest best practices and network with other pioneers who share the same intention: to increase the presence of women in construction.

There are tools and resources for companies to develop a better corporate culture and discover a new talent pool of talent. Individually, we can all learn to do better.


Nicolas Cadrin

Président, ing., PMP

Martine Ahier

General manager

robert moquin-surintendant-cadrin-co

Robert Moquin

Senior Superintendent

Maxime Lemire