Galion - Rehabilitation of a building facade-cadrin-co

Galion – Rehabilitation of a building facade


Project details

Cadrin &Co. was mandate for the rehabilitation of Galion building facade, located in Brossard.

We are pleased with the result, and in particular, with the fact that we were able to solve the problem of premature wear of the building’s cladding. This solution also allowed for a harmonization of all the buildings on these lots.

Initially, the project of rehabilitation of Galion building facade was intended to be a simple change of exterior cladding, but our expertise led us to rethink the traffic flow in the parking lot and the management of its exterior landscaping. This related project completed the harmonization with the other two buildings.

They have always been able to work autonomously, seriously and efficiently, integrating perfectly with the various demands of the team and customers, and always coming up with new ideas to meet the challenges encountered.
Mr Lawlor , VP Construction, Société Galion