315 de la Commune – Building redevelopment

315 de la Commune – Building redevelopment

réaménagement d’immeuble-travaux en cours


The warehouse at 315, rue de la Commune Ouest, built in 1854-1855, is a testament to the flourishing era of industry and commerce, and continues to live on through renovations and reconversions.
Today, transformed into offices after years of vacation and renovation, this warehouse symbolizes Montreal’s perpetual evolution, where past and present combine to shape the future.

We were asked by the real estate company Immobilier W to redevelop this historic site.
Le 315 de la Commune is an emblematic site steeped in history. The project involves the conversion of a duplex in an existing building brimming with character into two luxury apartments.

réaménagement d’immeuble - 315 de l commune - focus sur détails

The challenge for this building redevelopment will be to retain and enhance existing features such as brick walls, solid wood beams and columns, and superb wood floors. For us, this project represents a unique opportunity to preserve heritage while offering sophisticated, modern residential spaces..